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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Traditional Bone Broth in Modern Health and Disease

Quite a few years ago, I was experiencing pains in my uterus. After quite some back and forth from various gynecologists, I was pretty much left to my own devices to find out just what the matter was. After some research and frustration, I determined that my best option was to get a transvaginal ultrasound. The results of those tests revealed that I had a cyst and a fibroid.

I was also told that I'd have to basically watch and wait as I was 'only experiencing discomfort and no actual pain. Over time, I changed my diet. I went Paleo and cut out gluten, dairy, sugar, corn and soy. it was the best thing I ever did. My periods returned to normal, I no longer experience pms and have no uterine discomfort.

One of the things I have found very healing is bone broth. This article gives a great overview of it's many benefits and it's so easy to make. If you make it over the weekend, it'll last for most of the week. Even better if you own a pressure cooker which means less time in the kitchen. Have a look.

Image credit.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Myth of a Safer Hospital Birth for Low-Risk Pregnancies

While I don't have children, I do feel strongly about the idea of women having as many options available to her so that giving birth is a true expression of who she is. Unfortunately, when one is hospitalized for any condition, they are usually quite vulnerable and not at all in the best position to advocate for themselves.

This article by Dr. Mercola outlines some interesting reasons why home births may be something for women to consider.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Parody: Fotoshop by Adobé

This is definitely a case of funny but true. Incredibly well made, the video, by Jesse Rosten, is a sendup on the Photoshopping industry that takes place in the media at large - the results of which have been truly devastating to people of all races, sexual affiliations and genders. If we choose to, we can take this as an important lesson in not only how the notion of being oneself is disparaged within society, but like a virus, contaminates us individually. With such awareness, perhaps we can then begin to make choices that encourage us to be more accepting of ourselves as we really are. Have a look.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Losing Femininity in the Elusive Search for Kansas

One thing that's been on my mind often lately is relationships. Whether they be familial, between strangers or with oneself, I find it interesting just how far we as a society have drifted from each other on a spiritual level. This profound chasm of fear has led us all to find enemies where none exist.

We have become so divorced from our divine creative force - true femininity that goes beyond the bounds of gender - that sometimes I wonder if we will ever find our way back from the precipice. This article outlines some of the very real concerns we face today as a result of losing our way. Enjoy.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

High Priestess in the Pulpit: A Theory on the Feminist Vegetarian/Vegan Movement

I was a vegetarian for about three years. When I think about the reasons for it, I found that my initial decision was to eat as low on the food chain as humanly possible in order to lessen the amount of suffering on the planet.

As a woman, I knew what it was to be subjected to sexism and objectified. Because of this, I didn't want to perpetuate the cycle any longer. I wanted to be a part of the solution if even in a small way.

I've often thought about the psychological reasons behind my choice and think this article explains it fairly well. Have a look. And for the French speakers. :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! As we begin the new year, so many of us are stressed out from all the holiday madness and need torecharge our batteries. One great way to do that is with meditation. One that not only works wonders for helping me to relax, but also provide an amazing detox for both body and soul is Eiriu Eolas (EE) for short. The instant results are incredibly healing  - in fact so much so that you'll actually want to do it again and again. Please note that the Beatha or BaHa (round breath) is NOT recommended for people who are pregnant, suffer from epilepsy or other neurological disorders.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Still traveling, but back to blogging

I'm currently in Belgium - Antwerp, and having a blast. This country is abound with frites, chocolate and beer. This picture is actually in Vlissingen. Lovely... For those of you that still visit, I'm compiling a bunch of interesting new things to tell you about. Thanks for being patient.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Video Game: Little Big Planet

How cute does is game look? If I were a video gamer, I'd definitely give this one a try. It's also rated for everyone to be able to play! Take a look: http://www.littlebigplanet.com/

Thursday, August 14, 2008

There's No Need To Fear...

Just a little fun... Oh, also:

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pentagon Pundit Documents

For all who are interested, you can check out the text-searchable documents in the pentagon military analyst program that The Center for Media and Democracy has just released. It's located at: http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Pentagon_military_analyst_program:_Documents

Monday, August 11, 2008

Making Life Creative

Ovation TV is a pretty cool site that has entertainment for the artist in all of us. While a lot of people don't consider themselves artistic, I do think that we all have the capacity to bring creativity to any and everything we do. Anyway, If you fancy a look (my trip to the UK coming out!): http://www.ovationtv.com/pages/37

It's all coming back to me...

Hi all,

I 've been traveling the world and am slowly getting back to writing. I apologize for the long wait, but the good news is that I am returning with a fresh perspective of the world and how other countries/cultures see America. Everyone seems to have their eyes on us like a younger sibling and we, like the older sibling don't really take much notice. Hopefully this will change as the world continues to get smaller and as we keep reaching out to each other via the magic that is the internet.

To anyone who is the least bit apprehensive about traveling, I have just one thing to say to you. Go. Life is short and the people of the world for the most part are helpful and friendly. Yes people can be grumpy, quite a few of them live here. Don't listen to your television. Everyone is not out to get you. People still love Americans (especially the money they think we have!) If you find yourself lost, people will stop and give you directions. Some will even walk you to your destination. Strange foods are yummy. Oh, and any country offering "drinking water" is doing so for a reason.

Tomorrow isn't promised to us. Do what you want to do. Today.

Be well,


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Interview: The Church of Stop Shopping

I'm so excited to have been able to get an interview with Rev. Billy who's Church of Stop Shopping was the subject of the documentary What Would Jesus Buy? I found it to be hilarious and deliciously subversive...
(graphic courtesy of revbilly.com)

Are you actually a reverend or have you taken the role of reverend for your performance art? If it's the latter, why did you choose this particular method to get your message across?

We Stop Shopping. We resist consumerism. So we don't adhere to the labels that products must have. We have a church and a reverend and a choir, but we don't start with those labels. We ask that you experience yourselves with us, together having an experience of not shopping -- what we call the "Fabulous Worship!" - then make up descriptions and words later...

How are you and your choir able to devote so much time to the cause and still manage to make a living?
God bless you! This means that we are whipping up a lot of fire and brimstone, sound and fury, signifying Stop Shopping! To your question: We have set up a legal nonprofit. We accept donations through the website, approach foundations, pass the plate. The greatest source of value to our choir is the volunteerism of the singers, who have day jobs and families.

Your message is upsetting to many people. Have you ever felt that your personal safety was at risk?
All real change is found offensive by some. Jesus showed us to forgive. Gandhi and Dr. King and Cesar Chavez showed the way. Change must always have an instigator.

Freegans have recently become known to popular culture, have you ever considered joining forces with them since you both believe strongly in the same/similar issue?
We have eating styles and faith backgrounds from all over the map. Our group is like a subway car in Queens or a bus in South Central Los Angeles. We don't dictate life style value systems to our community. The one value we share is that we want to Consume less.

What was the impetus that caused you to form the Church of Stop Shopping?
Now more than ever we must change, the earth itself, creation itself, is demanding that we change how we live. We consider ourselves translators for the earth.

I see that The Church of Stop Shopping has expanded from it's original idea to include privatization and become much more political. How did this come about?
Nothing is more political that Stopping our Shopping. The present economic system, as run by the mega-corporations, needs for us to shop till we drop, to stay in personal debt, ,and in doing so to convert from citizens over to consumers. All things that we own in common, the post office, the parks, the armed services -- they are becoming privatized by the Consumerizers. If you say No! than they call you a protester. Citizens say No! sometimes because we know that we have our First Amendment freedoms. Take the test - go to your local park and shout what you believe! Change-a-lujah!

I loved that you went all the way to Disneyland for the cause and at the same time was really surprised to learn that they were open on Christmas! What gives you the courage to be so bold and to not fear being arrested?
We must always be willing to risk arrest. All the great Change leaders from Jesus to the present had that willingness, that faith. Police people often don't work for us - they represent those who own and defend property and money.

What advice would you give to someone who believes strongly in something and would like to start a movement, but feels alone and doesn't know where to start?
Talk to us at Revbilly.com. We have a chapter called "How To Start Your Own Church." People in many communities have begun their own Stop Shopping churches. It always starts with - what do you do well? We like to sing and preach. You might have more power in your dancing, in your skate-boarding, in your quiet writing.

What brings you comfort and joy?
People who come to our "Fabulous Worships," or who come to weddings and baptisms that we perform - when they come and have that experience with us! Amen!

The Business of Being Born

Really insightful and riveting movie done by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein. It details the history of how home births have been pushed aside in favor of using hospitals. It is also a great source of information in terms of explaining exactly what midwives do and the importance of the role they play not just today, but historically.
(graphic courtesy of Paulo Netto and The Business of Being Born)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Email: Ohayo from Japan!

So I finally decided to stop waiting for the right circumstances to present itself and just do it. I'm in Kyoto! I'm getting by on ohayo (roughly good morning), kinichiwa (good afternoon), hai (yes) and arrigato (thank you). The people are very friendly for the most part and try really hard to communicate and point you in the right direction. I got lost today and couldn't find my hotel and the 2 really great people walked with me until I found it! I think that rarely happens in NYC :) The bathtubs are really deep like a swimming pool which is fun. I'm pretty good with the currency which I thought I'd have a harder time with. The pics I'm taking are just things that I think of as quintessentially Japanese. Even the bars are cute and ornate! Their temperature is about on track with ours. It's really interesting to see just how much American culture gets infused into other countries. They really do watch what we do (like a younger sibling). They play our music, wear fashions similar to ours, know our catch phrases - completely bizarre! I'm trying to think what we know about them... I don't know any of their popstars or music, forget about economic status. Their prices aren't much different from ours which is to say that it's just as easy to wonder where your money goes when you've just bought basics (food and transportation). I'm hoping to run into someone who speaks English well enough to tell me a little bit about their political and economic status.

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