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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Interview: Tragedy Strikes The Same Place Twice

Remember the Great Interview Experiment? Well here's the interview I did with the self-deprecating Zookeeper at Tragedy Strikes. Despite her opinion, I got a great and interesting interview out of her. (image courtesy of Tragedy Strikes)

What is the dream you have for your life and how are you accomplishing it? I can't say that I have a dream or an ultimate goal in life. Maybe I've just become complacent. With two children and a house to run all alone, it is hard to accomplish much except for the day to day chores. (e.g. laundry, dishes, vacuuming, grocery shopping, etc.) I think I would be happy if one day I could run my own business out of my home, perhaps a dog boarding kennel that offered some obedience classes. Anything to do with animals would make me happy. Other than that I dream of the day where my financial situation is stable and an unexpected expense doesn't turn my whole world on it's head. That and for my children grow up healthy and happy. And if it is in the stars and I am not asking too much, I would love to have one of those fairy tale lifelong marriages to my boyfriend, J. Maybe I am dreaming.

What challenges do you currently face and how do you conquer them?
Everyday seems to throw a new challenge up in my face. I'm getting used to it. Currently, I am dealing with vehicle issues, my truck is nickel and dime-ing me to death. Since I need the stupid thing to get me to and from work, I just suck it up and pay the repair garage. It's heading there again on Wednesday...I think I blew a brake line. I guess some would say that I face a challenge by having a semi-long distance relationship. My bf lives two hours from here and I only see him on the weekends. It is actually pretty ideal though. We trust each explicitly and with my hectic schedule, in all honesty, I get a lot more done when he isn't around. And I guess the most obvious challenge would be being a single mom and it's tough, I won't lie. But I've been doing it for almost 13 years and I guess I've got it down pretty good. We have our way of doing things and it works for us. The hard part is when other people disrupt it or try to interject their thoughts upon it. Oh and never underestimate the power of tears. If things get too overwhelming, a good cry usually helps and then it's on to business as usual.

I suffer from the anxiety gremlin myself. Aside from meds, have you found any alternatives for living with it (ie. meditation, exercise)?
My anxiety issues stem from one too many car accidents. So I mostly only have anxiety issues while driving. I haven't found much that you can do while driving to ease it. I mostly just grit my teeth, my heart starts beating out of my chest and I grip the steering wheel for dear life. I guess I've never really found a way to cope with it, I just try my best to get home (or wherever I'm going) safely. I also try really hard to not drive at night especially if it is raining because that is always the worst, nothing like not being able to see to really tip the anxiety scale.

What do you love most about living in PA?
There is really nothing in particular I like about PA, I'm just here by default. It just so happened that I was born here and my parents never moved out of state. I also have not moved due to obligations, low finances and I don't know anyone in any other state and the thought of being totally on my own "so-to-say" scares me shitless. So I guess what I like most about PA is that my family is here and thats. about. it.

If you could have any superpower or super weapon, what would it be and why?
I would like to be able to talk to animals. I'm pretty good at figuring out what they want or how they feel or if something is wrong but sometimes it would be nice to have a conversation with one a la Dr. Doolittle. Of course if they talk back like my children do then I would like to have a super weapon that could shut them up. Maybe one that will shut my kids up too. ;)

You're preparing for the ultimate dinner party. Who is invited, and what's on the menu?
Seeing as I have never thrown a dinner party in my life, this could be quite interesting. I guess first on my list would have been Heath Ledger but seeing as that is no longer possible and the whole situation is incredibly sad, I guess I will have to put some serious thought into this. *think think* Oh duh, everyone on my blog roll. I've got some great blogger friends and have never met any of them so what better way to enjoy each others company than over food and drink. Lots of drink.

Can I cop out of the food one and just have Nina (theslackdaily.com) or Ree (thepioneerwomancooks.com) cater for me? No? Darn. I think I'd make the menu Under-The-Sea themed. I'm thinking crab cakes, sticky grilled shrimp and pineapple glazed salmon. Cheddar garlic mashed potatoes and buttery thyme bread on the side. Somewhere we will have to fit in guacamole and whole-grain tortilla chips to go with the Margaritas and there will be a lot of them, Margaritas that is.

What brings you comfort and joy?
Animals. I lost my bestest dog right before Christmas and I've been pretty much a wreck since then. Really unhappy and restless. I just got a new puppy over the weekend and already I feel like a totally different person. I am happy again. You can meet Bazil on my blog and prepare to say "Awwwww."

2 musings:

Hey G B, thanks for the great interview. I really enjoyed myself.

Great interview, and Miss Keeper, I think the ability to talk to animals would be brilliant.

(PS. I will cater!)

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